NJ1 Rosette

The NJ is a “tone monster” with exceptional clarity and seemingly endless sustain.

At first I was taken by its good looks, after three separate visits to play it I was taken over by it’s oh so sweet and mellow tone and exceptional playability.  It does just about everything right in the tone department.  It kind of looks like a “semi-dreadnaught”…..bigger bottom half and smaller top half…so it’s comfortable to play but does not sacrifice a full bass response. .The wood choices are right up my alley with the lace wood trim a nice variation that I’ve yet to run across. I suspect the NJ will become my favorite guitar. I have quite a collection of high end acoustics.  You would appear to have this “guitar thing” down. My Bethany guitars not only compare favorably with the ever popular Martins, Gibsons, Santa Cruises and Taylors, but (at least in my opinion) exceed what they have to offer with respect to tone and playability.”

Martin Goldstein


“I own two Bethany steel string acoustic guitars. I’ve found them to be truly amazing handcrafted and hand tuned instruments that favorably compare in every way to guitars selling for several times more.”

Anthony T. Dioguardi

 I have been a fingerstyle acoustic guitar player for 45 years. I have owned numerous Martin, Gibson and Guild  flat top acoustics which I still own and enjoy playing on gigs. I recently bought a Bethany guitar made in Connecticut by luthier Phil Brunwin.  It is a wonderful small body Brazilian rosewood with Adirondack spruce top. The build quality is top notch and equivalent to my vintage guitars and better in some ways. It also records beautifully and is very easy to play. I have played many of the best acoustic flat top guitars and in my opinion Phil’s are up there with the best.

Ed Accardi


I’ve been playing guitars since the Beatles were still together, and have owned over that time all the major and many boutique brands and shapes and sizes.  Phil has made three guitars for me, two sixteen inch jumbos and one a little larger, each one using different woods.  Each sounds different but the playability and the tone and the sustain on all of them are tremendous.  Aesthetically, the guitars are masterpieces, but the real reward and pleasure is sitting down, sometimes for hours, and playing them.  Every time I play them I’m amazed at the volume, the complexity, and the sweetness of the sound that comes from these exquisite instruments.  These are the finest guitars I’ve owned or played.  Thank you Phil.
George Manukas


It was a phenomenal experience working with Phil on my guitar. I was able to view and discuss the details of the build from the very start. He was flexible enough to incorporate many of my suggestions and knowledgeable enough to steer me in the right direction when needed. The end result is an incredibly articulate guitar that’s a pleasure to play. The choice of materials (love the koa), impeccable workmanship and personalized attention. A great guitar and an incredible value.

Randy Bright

 I love the guitar, the tone is amazing and it plays like a dream. Thank you so much.

Edgar L. Powell Jr.  Ohio