Phil brunwinPhil Brunwin, born in Brentwood, England, came to New Haven, Connecticut in 1984 to continue his career as an electronic engineer. In 1988, he and his wife bought an old derelict farm up the road in Bethany. Having hung up his soldering iron, Phil gave up his electronics career to renovate the farm. Phil eventually turned to furniture making and restoration along with some architectural design and even barn building. By 2005, he had established himself as an exceptional designer and builder of fine furniture. After playing guitar most of his life Phil melded his love of music with his precision woodworking and started making guitars, initially for his own use. It soon became clear if he wanted to keep building them he would have to let some go and Bethany Guitars was born. All work is done at his Bethany Guitar workshop in Bethany, Connecticut. Phil builds each guitar from start to finish offering custom and off-the-shelf guitars. Phil has retired from playing in clubs but always welcomes musicians to drop by Bethany Guitars. If there’s one thing he likes better than making ‘em, it’s playing ‘em. Member of the American guild of luthiers